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I’m floating in the clouds these days and want to share my good news with everyone on the planet. How can I possibly do that? By creating my own blog on the World Wide Web!

Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan delivers her message to every writer that she comes across: “Blog, blog, blog!” I met Teresa at the San Mateo County Fair in 2009 when she gave a thought-provoking presentation based on her first self-help workbook entitled Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published. It is an easy to follow 22-minute/22-day playbook in which she shows her reader how to “attract attention while you are considering publication routes,” while detailing “what is the game and WHO are the players?” This approach is based on becoming Internet savvy, constructing virtual reality personal and business platforms, and utilizing search engines such as Google and Yahoo to advance one’s name, service, and/or product.

So, what exactly is a blog? A ten second search online provides the answer, which I’ve paraphrased to avoid quoting my sources, per Internet etiquette: A blog is a web site where one or more people known as bloggers write opinions in a newsletter or personal journal form, often to give information and links to other sites or individuals with relatable contents.

I have to admit it’s taken me a good long while to join cyberspace’s self-promotion party, because who would want to read my thoughts considering how many blogs there are in the world…

Hold on, I’m Googling this very question right now. Whoa! One link says there are over 3 million blog posts written every day! So, who would ever read my stuff? Another fast search tells me that over 400 million people regularly visit blogs posted on, just one of the myriads of free publishing sites!

Convinced, my husband Boris and I created our blog Carry the Light that’s connected with the fair along with the people who get involved with the Fine Arts Galleria.  Then I jumped onboard and set up my own blog entitled Bardiblog. Time to blog. But where to start?

In her playbook, LeYung-Ryan posits this question: “Who are you? If you want others to notice YOU, you need to notice yourself.”

I’d invited Teresa to give her Build Your Name workshop in the literary section of the Fine Arts Galleria at the San Mateo County Fair. We were standing together onstage back in 2009 when she told me, “This is the perfect platform for you.”

Four and a half years later, I am the proud recipient of a Diamond Award from the premiere Peninsula Arts Council for my work at the fair. I’ve become a stage promoter, providing writers with a presence and a voice. It’s been easy to advance other peoples’ books and workshops, it’s another story to brag about myself.

One of Teresa’s suggestions is to find ways to link yourself with a celebrity, without stalking George Clooney or borrowing Lindsey Logan’s necklace, of course. I envisioned my 15 minutes of fame and an invaluable photo op revolving around this headline: Bardi Rosman Koodrin receives the 2012 Special Recognition Diamond Award from 2011 winners musician Neil Young and his wife Pegi for their Bridge School Concert fundraiser.

Alas, my fellow honorees Neil and Pegi Young didn’t attend the 2012 Peninsula Arts Council Diamond Awards Gala at the Hiller Aviation Museum on Jan 25 2013 but by publishing this blog post, the link to Bardi Rosman Koodrin and Grammy award-winning Neil Young sharing the Peninsual Arts Council Special Recognition award will live on forever.

Plus, I piggybacked on the famous Beatles song with this blog’s title, Bardi in the Sky with Diamonds.

Hmm, I’m also linking myself with the other famous Diamond — Neil.

Teresa will be so proud of me!

My first few blog posts were about the award ceremony, such as meeting my fellow Diamond Award honorees, with a line naming each of the other nine recipients and how inspiring their acceptance speeches were. Each of us spoke with a contagious passion that fuels our individual artistic endeavors. We were well represented among various expressive mediums and treated with performances by both of the Ray Lorenzato Young Artist recipients, one of whom is Sean Traynor. I’ve known Sean as a multiple-award winning writer from the San Mateo County Fair literary contests since 2009, including the 2012 $20,000 Creative Writing Scholarship from Notre Dame De Namur but didn’t realize he’s also a singer and actor.  He’ll submit again to the 2013 fair.

Considering I’ve been up on the Literary Stage promoting the literary department at the San Mateo County Fair for the past four years, I was both excited and surprisingly nervous when it came to be my turn to climb the steps to the stage. Let’s just blame it on my slippery silver shoes.

I was given an embarrassing excellent introduction by last year’s Individual Artist recipient Troy Paiva, with whom I’d had the pleasure of meeting when he participated in my first Author Book Day stage event in 2010. Troy gave me such an easy-going welcome his smiling face relaxed me so I could find my voice.

To paraphrase my acceptance speech, I began by thanking my husband Boris Koodrin, the visionary artist and muralist who directs the Fine Arts Galleria. I never would have been nominated for such a prestigious award without him, for he is truly the resident genius. His philosophy of Carry the Light is the cornerstone from which he’s grown the Fine Arts department.

Simply put, “Carry the Light is all about following your smallest inclination to its greatest conclusion.”

I thanked Matt Cranford, Fair Manager, for giving me the freedom and flexibility I needed to make my vision a reality. He gave me the stage and the sound system I needed to provide writers with a presence and a voice so they could tell their stories.

Everyone has a story.

My purpose is to give everyone from contest submitters to professionals the gift of telling their stories on the Literary Stage. The foundation of success — the stage “events within the event” — centers upon the SF/Peninsula Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club, the oldest such club in the United States founded by author Jack London in 1909. Although they didn’t know me, I’d emailed the club and boldly asked if they’d like to give free workshops at the fair. They were intrigued but first asked: did I mean the county fair, the one with cows and pigs, Ferris wheels and homemade jams? I sure did!

Teresa LeYung-Ryan is one of many who have given workshops and presentations ever since. They are a professional group of people who care about the craft of writing and it felt as if I’d found my people.

I thanked Tory Hartmann, who worked tirelessly on our first “Carry the Light” anthology of almost 200 stories, essays, and poems submitted to the 2012 Fair. And it’s for sale on!


Lastly, I invited the 200 creative artists in the audience to bring their passions, their talents, and their special projects to the Literary Stage at the 2013 San Mateo County Fair.

Throughout my speech, I referenced my favorite saying, “Everyone has a story to tell.” I wove it in with a quote from Boris, “We are all called to paint a masterpiece with our lives.”

Since we all have a story to tell, we have a choice as to how to tell it. If we conduct ourselves with awareness and intent, we become Conscious Creators. I ask this: If each of us, as conscious creators, chose to paint our lives as if it were a grand canvas, what kind of a masterpiece shall each of us plan to leave behind as our legacy?

If I’ve followed Writing Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan’s playbook correctly, this post brings me a step closer into the realm of self-promotion by “building my name and beating the game.” The trick is to weave one’s thoughts and projects with what people (the more famous the better) are saying and doing. It’s all about “linking” with the virtual reality that is the Internet. Teresa’s site welcomes 6000 visitors each month to view all of her writing coach services and books, including her novel Love Made of Heart, a mother-daughter love story.


I have to say, I’ve been bitten by the blog bug!  It’s even inspired me to set up my own website, which will unfold in the next few weeks.

You may not realize how my bardiblog connects the names and promotions regarding the San Mateo County Fair and Diamond Awards with their own hyperlinks. If you click on any one of them, it will take you there, thus propelling you through the wondrous World Wide Web. Since it is much easier for me to promote other writers and this personal blog is new, the posts I write may be baby steps and yet, isn’t that how we all learned to walk and talk?  Even musician Neil Young.