A Time To Cast Away Stones, a mid-20th century historical novel by Elise Frances Miller: Book review by Bardi Rosman Koodrin

Carry the Light

Historical fiction is a favorite genre of mine. It’s one thing to read about a long ago heroine struggling to set things right in a setting foreign to my own experiences. It’s quite another to personally relate to having lived in the area where the story takes place in a particularly memorable period in recent history: my generation’s role in the student protest against the Viet Nam war during the turbulent 1960s.

Elise Frances Miller’s novel In a Time to Cast Away Stones begins in the fall of 1968 with the San Francisco Bay Area students’ antiwar movement.  Her riveting story concludes a few months later in Paris during the “Events of May,” the only student-worker-bourgeois alliance and revolution that a Western capitalist democracy has ever experienced.

A Time to Cast Away Stones by Elise Frances Miller

Miller’s protagonist Janet Magill begins her stint at UC Berkeley as a shy freshman who is away from her posh Beverly Hills home…

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